Posted Monday 06 Feb 2017 10:59 AM

Today is Time to Talk Day:

This is an initiative organised by Time to Change that brings the nation together to get talking and break the silence around mental health problems.

Everyone is different and mental health problems show themselves in different ways. If you're having mental health problems, you're not alone. One in four of us will have problems with our mental health at some time in our lives.

This is why today (Thursday 2 February) we are promoting Time to Talk Day. We have put messages
out on our twitter and facebook pages to encourage people to get involved so I thought I would send to you too.

The aim is to bring the nation together to get talking and break the silence around mental health problems. Since its launch in 2014, Time to Talk Day has sparked millions of conversations in schools, homes, workplaces, in the media and online. As a result of the day, people have shared their experiences without shame for the first time, and have started supporting those around them. Just one chat can have a huge impact. For further information visit
http://www. Time-to-change. Org. Uk/timetotalkday

Lympne News & Comment 
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WiFi at the Lympne Village Hall
Most of us appreciate the beauty and stability of our ancient churches, which stand as an oasis of calm in this ever-changing sometimes frightening and confusing world. often have you passed by a "lovely old church" and noticed the appeal board "Save our church roof"? Well, St Stephen's Lympne is no different. Earlier this year, 'temporary measures' were put in place to protect visitors from falling debris while in the church. A survey shows that the roof of the nave urgently needs to be replaced - at a cost in the region of £50,000. And, quite frankly, we do not have any spare cash!
Lympne Village Hall Committee
The Lympne Village Hall wi-fi system is now up and running with high-speed connections from Call Flow Solutions.
Clubs, groups and other users can log on when they are using the hall and regular users can get their password from the Village Hall Committee. Although your communications are secure, the device (phone/tablet/PC) used to access the system is logged and anyone missusing the system may find that their device is blocked. Please do not share your password with anyone else. 
A guide to the WiFi system is available on request - send an email to for a copy
Three-quarters of visitors to the Lympne consultation at the Village Hall said they are against this proposal

What better way of doing this than sharing the experiences of ex-pupils at Lympne? We would like an A4 sheet with your name; when you were at school & where you went to secondary school... Did you go to uni or further education...? Tell us about your career path – including change of direction – or what you are now doing and what it involves. Photos would be lovely! 
Please email your contribution to me: and pass this on to others that may not now live in the village. It would be great to receive as many contributions as possible - I can't wait to hear from you!
                                                Joyce Rhodes
I am putting together a display in school called "Where are they now?" in which I hope to involve many pupils as possible. W e are constantly looking to share careers information with the children to show them the purpose of their learning.

Parish Councillors asked  Lympne residents who attended the 'consultation' at the Village Hall what their views are on the SDC plan to build 12,000 houses on our doorstep. They posed three questions: 
1.Do you support the 12,000 houses New Town Proposal? 2. Do you support some houses being built? 3. Do you support NO houses being built?  The results – which may not come as a surprise – can be seen below...
OTTERPOOL NEW TOWN meeting at Lympne Village Hall
The questions asked by Parish Councillors:
Do you support the 12,000 houses New Town proposal?
Do you support some houses being built - how many?
Do you support no houses being built?
The results, compiled by Parish Councillor Jo Howes:
52 members of the public were spoken to.
45 of those are resident in the Parish of Lympne.
One person was in favour of the new town proposal but required further details.
13 people were opposed to any new housing at all.
31 people were in support of some new housing, with numbers ranging from a couple of houses to a new village of up to 5000 homes.
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